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I Wanna Be Rich™
About Us

The I Wanna Be Rich™ company was created for the sole purpose of getting the average Joe something that is hard to obtain, a big chunk on cash. This is a licensed and trademarked business built from the ground up and with it I am determined 'and succeeding' to make a kind of 'reset button' available to anyone and everyone who wants it. Please read the short descriptions of what we offer below to find out which one 'if not all' will suit you and your needs.

The Viral Franchise
If You Don't Have One - You Gotta Get One!

The Viral Franchise is the only online franchisable business where you can earn an incredible amount of daily and monthly recurring income by achieving just 1 franchise sale.

As A Valued Viral Franchise Owner You Receive:
#1. Unlimited advertising to promote your other businesses or affiliate links.
#2. 100% of all advertising purchased from your franchise.
#3. 100% of all fee#2 and fee#3 Sales Cuts sold from your franchise.
#4. Unlimited $5 dollar commissions just for updating your teambuild.
#5. (HOT) The ability to resell Viral Franchises for daily and monthly recurring income.

The Million Dollar Mailing List
No Spam Guarantee

The million dollar mailing list is as simple as it gets. What im doing with this is collecting a list of emails 1 million large and when that goal is achieved I will be sending out a weekly request for 1 dollar to everybody on that list, with the donations collected I will be selecting someone at random from the list of participants and buying the dirty old shoes off their feet for 1 Million Dollars. This will be processed through IWBR Financial to keep your profits UP and transaction costs DOWN.

Even if only 500 people were to participate in this list per week it would still be a nice bonus for somebody to wake up to in the morning.

The Weferral™ Program
Spillover Company Matrix

The Weferral™ Program is a referral based money making machine that I am willing to do all the recruiting for. There is a 1 time signup fee of $10 dollars which gets you hundreds of MMR Products and unlimited lifetime member advertising on the Viral Franchise network which is listed below. I place those funds in the accounts of members in the order in which they signed up, it is a 100% spillover matrix that has been updated to provide the fastest and most balanced account growth for everyone involved. Anyone who aids the system by bringing in new people to join our group will receive additional cash bonuses.

Trust Is Essential And We Will Fight For Yours



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