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How It Works
Its As Easy As 1, 2, 3

#1. Create Your Weferral Account (Only $10 Dollars)
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The Weferral™ Program has been made even easier and more profitable than before, as always you can choose to sit back and let your account build over time $246.00 completly hands off OR you can choose to promote the system to receive extra cash rewards. For every new member I bring in im going to give you AND 4 other people $1 dollar but for every new member YOU bring in you will receive an additional $1 dollar bonus.

Expected Results
No Smoke Or Mirrors Here

The Weferral™ Program is a 100% spillover matrix that is collapsible, expandable AND compressible so there are never any holes. If signups are slow it will be kept as a 3x5 which will give the current members the quickest account growth possible, however, if signups are fast the matrix can and will be expanded appropriately.

Join the internets most trusted company matrix and know that you are in good hands with I Wanna Be Rich™.

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