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The I Wanna Be Rich™ - Company Matrix
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By joining the Weferral™ program you are placing yourself directly into our Company matrix, this ia a referral based money making machine that WE do all the referring for, we do all the footwork and the members share in a percentage of the profits. We advertise daily on over 7500 websites and exchanges to bring in a consistant stream of daily new members, as you can see from the live tracker on the right people are viewing this program with many of them are signing up right now. You can either be in front of them or or not, the sooner you get involved with I Wanna Be Rich™ the sooner we can start building your account.

How It Works
Its As Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4

#1. You need a payment processor and if you dont have one, we accept:
Sign Up For IWBR Financial - "Click Here"
Sign Up For Payza - "Click Here"
Sign Up For STP - "Click Here"
Sign Up For Ego Pay - "Click Here"
#2. Create Your Weferral Account (1 Time Payment)
#3. Give Us Time To Build Your Account (Worth It)
#4. Cash Out Whenever You Want To (Awesome!)

The Weferral™ Program has been made even easier and more profitable than before, as always you can choose to sit back and let your account build over time completly hands off OR you can choose to aid the system and receive extra cash for doing so. For every new member I place under you im going to give you $1 dollar instead of the previous .25 cents, for every new member YOU bring in I will now bonus you an additional $1 dollar instead of the previous .25 cents as well. The Weferral™ Program has gotten so big so fast that ive quadrupled the payments!

You will also receive unlimited lifetime member advertising on the entire Viral Franchise network.

Expected Results
No Smoke Or Mirrors Here

The Weferral™ Program is a 100% spillover matrix that is collapsible, expandable AND compressible so there are never any holes. If signups are slow it will be kept as a 3x5 which will give the current members the quickest account growth possible, if members want extra cash bonuses and to aid the system in getting signups the matrix can be expanded all the way up to a 10x10 offering even MORE account growth. Get involved with the internets most trusted company matrix and know that you are in good hands with I Wanna Be Rich™.

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